The Lipstick Lush


Greetings! My name is Monet and welcome to my beauty blog, the Lipstick Lush. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site! I’m a full-time college student, part time server, and bonafide beauty enthusiast that has always had a deep love for all things beauty and cosmetics. I’m so pleased to finally have my own “beauty manifesto” up and running now.

I first got into makeup after secretively sneaking off with various products my mother sold as an Avon representative my freshman year in highscool. Looking back, I’m surprised my parents let me out of the house with the bright blue eyeshadow up to here and too light blush. This eventually transitioned me to having my signature “Amy Winehouse” liner in my junior year of highschool. Although I still look back at pictures from those years and cringe, I eventually made a very lovely friend that worked with Bobbi Brown. She ignited my love for quality makeup, and helped me to learn to accentuate my features, as well as turning me on to healthier skincare practices. I like to joke that she unleashed the “makeup monster” inside me. From there, it was history.

My blog will mostly contain photo of the days, product reviews, and miscellaneous thoughts beauty and lifestyle related. I’m sure you’ll soon see though that pretty much anything that fits my fancy will find its way upon here. Please feel free to use the commenting system to post any comments, concerns, or topic interests you may have.

Thanks again!
~ The Lipstick Lush


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